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Jason Bunnell

Jason Bunnell, is a young man who wishes to share his soul with others to show them that his choices in the past and present are not good ones. He has again fallen under the spell of drugs and we hope that will change. We all have the ability to make changes in our lives it is never too late. By sharing his writings I hope it will reach others that are thinking of playing in this life style and decide not to, at least that is what I hope.
Please be advised that some subject matter and content in this page may be unsuitable for anyone under 18 years of age.
Yet in my heart I believe all should read this at any age who are tempting fate with following this path in life.

February 8th 2013.
I have just been contacted by Jason's brother Jessie. Jason passed away and is no longer with us.  May he rest in peace.  He touched my life with his words and hopefully his words will continue to reach others. The family has requested if anyone else has some of Jason's later writings to please contact them.
Which I will do so if you forward them to this site.
If you would like to respond to his writings please email this site, and I will forward it to his Family.

 I would appreciate your thoughts and comments, please sign our guestbook.

Marty Duswalt-Pinney

~ H.E.R.O.I.N. ~

H is for heinous
for the crimes you commit
E is for emotion
which you'll try to omit
R is for rancid
for the way you will smell
O is for absurd
when your body you'll sell
I is for insane
that's how you'll become
N is for nasty
does this sound like fun
Keep using dope
this will all come true
Listen to me
when I tell this to you.


What is a friend?
Someone that's there for you
right from the start.
Someone that speaks to you
straight from the heart.
Someone to call
when your feeling down.
Someone to help you
get up off the ground.
Someone to share with you
the joys of life.
Someone who relates to you
without any strife.
Someone who's there for you
through thick and thin.
Someone who's care for you
comes deep from within.
True friends love you
whoever you are.
Just to be with you
they'll travel so far.


My mind is raging, teardrops are falling.
My old friend Heroin, I hear her she's calling.
She wants the invite back into my life.
I'm sick of her lies and all of that strife.
I'm sick of the pain, hurting, robbing, and stealing.
I used lots of drugs to get rid of the feelings.
I hurt my family, friends, and the lot.
When all I could think of was smoking some Pot.
It went from weed, to coke, acid and crack.
It brought me so close to a heart attack.
Then I found my true love, her name's China White.


While I sit here in the golden rays of sunshine thinking about you
and wondering is she thinking the same.
What's on her mind? I love her so much.
Enough to kill for enough to die for.
The blindness that consumes me when I see her.
Leaves me bound and gagged, alone engulfed with fear and loneliness.
And I cry.


Birds are chirping, flowers are in bloom
Let's have a wedding by the end of June.
I stand above you and watch you sleep.
I ask God for your love to keep.
As you dream I watch your face.
My heart cannot beat at an even pace.
An example of beauty in it's purest form.
Let's walk hand in hand for there is no more storm.
I'll pick you roses, colors so bright.
As long as you promise to hold me all night.
True words spoken from a man who cares.
Just let the lonely give us those glares.
Hold my hand and walk with me honey.
You bring me joy, I don't need money.
We'll watch the sun set, from our house on the beach.
Let's grow old together, Heaven is not out of reach.


The glow of your inner radiant light blinds me and binds me to your Angelic ways.
Leaving me stranded in a state of bewilderment. Not knowing fact from fiction or day from night. For time has no bearing on my soul.
My heart throbs, pulsating blood through my veins, like the cold crisp water flowing
down the mountain side over the same rocks for millions of years, only to empty
into the ocean of lost souls that are drowning, gasping for love. For they know it is out there, hear their cries of agony, horrid dreadful screeches. When she appears the pain is gone, her halo is the life preserver attached to the silver chord that embraces her heart. It pumps life into those who are dying. You're here to save my mistress of the night.
" Come to me" she whispers, " Don't be afraid'" I'm here for you like Eve was to Adam. Show me the way to eternal happiness. As we embrace I hold you in my arms tight as not to let you slip away for the fear of losing you is so overpowering.
But you soothe my aches and fill that void so I may know what eternal peace is all about. Protect me, my guardian Angel, let no hurt come unto me. In turn I shall
worship you till death do us part.


The shine of divine beauty that orates from your sensuous body, ignites a flame of desire only your love could extinguish. As I sit here and stare into the eyes of the goddess of love, the scent of mountain fresh poppies drifts into my mind sedating any possible fears that might arise. Making me open to share my most inner emotions and thoughts. As I sink into a hole of everlasting peacefulness, untouchable to past mistakes and feelings of loneliness. Making love with passions in volumes inconceivable to mankind. Leaving behind the ones that hurt us and gave us incredible amounts of pain, only to find freedom of true love. Proving that it conquers all wicked Satanic addictions impressed upon us by our fellow man. As we rise through sphere after sphere, getting close to the heavens only to look back and realize we made it to a state of nirvana, only a love like ours could accomplish.
And when I roll over to kiss my true love on her forehead, she was gone, left behind in my subconscious and I cry.


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