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Thank you for visiting Duffy's Closet . This is our guestbook. We appreciate any comments and thoughts regarding specific pages and or the entire website.

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Marty Duswalt-Pinney  







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This is our test comment to make sure this book is really working. We thank you all for your patience during the construction of this web site. This dream has been a long time coming and we appreciate your interest. We hope that you will join us in this continuing journey as we evolve to the full realization of all our dreams. Please leave your comments and we will proudly post them for others. Visit us often as we value not only our customers; we also value those who just come to browse and enjoy the diversity of our site which not only includes our hand made products, also has the poems, stories of our lives, artwork and the store fronts that there is a page for all the other special artisans we have known over these many years. Handmade and Homemade is a dying art that we are committed to keeping alive for the many artisans that we know who join the skeletons in the never ending dance behind our door. Thank you again and know we are honored  by your presence here.
 Duffy's Closet Associates



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Hey there, wow does that look good, looks like lots of work too. I love the site, you did a jamb up job on that. We have been swamped and I am so far behind it aint funny no more. But do know we think of you often and if I ever get to NY I will certainly look you up. Looks like the shop will be neat when you get your renovations completed and I know you will enjoy it a bunch. Gotta run, take care and good luck, keep in touch.
Love, Mary Lee and Mike



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  'Jeana' <admin@allterrainconstruction.com>    
 Sent: Sat Aug 11 20:58 
 the poetry
I am frozen inside, in the part of me that could once melt into those exquisite emotions you write of.  The physical enjoyment that makes a relationship deepen at the beginning.  That joy and excitement that pull one into the realms where love and passion are possible.
Your beautiful poetically written stories forced me to remember those special men who I enjoyed in my youth.  I don't know whether to thank you or blame  you for the melting of my frozen heart - just temporary.  But oh how sweet it was.  The ones I loved for awhile, then left and especially the one who loved then left me.  Painful enough that I still think of him after all the ones who came after him.  Left me with a bittersweet hatred, yet I wouldn't have missed those five years for any known reason....
Thanks for sharing  your happiness with me.



There are many who have covered this song but Holly Dunn is my favorite. And I think it appropriate to include it here.

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