Poetry by James

James Umstead
    Lives in Texas with his two sons, Dakota and Dylan.
He has been writing poetry and short story thoughts for many years.
    He is the grandson of James Duffy Duswalt Sr. for which this site has been dedicated.
    James believes that words are the pathway to one's soul, thus his poetry not only speaks of what is in his, but reaches out to others to touch maybe a thought, or memory that brings recognition of same.
    So I am proud that this gentle man is my son, and proud to celebrate and share his thoughts with you. 
    An EBook of these poems will be available for purchase in the near future. 
    James may be personally contacted at
with your comments on his work.
    You may also link to our pages if you have similar interest.

    Thank you for visiting us, and please sign our guestbook.


                                                                                             Marty Duswalt-Pinney


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