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Dakota James 

Born July 31st 2000

Dakota is my first grandson. He is the absolute joy of my life. I was not the most patient person waiting for him to come, yet I believe the wait was so very much worth it. This page is dedicated to him and through time I will share his accomplishments, his discoveries of life, and my absolute joy in being his grandmother. Please check back often as I will update with stories and pictures. It is a grandmother's pride I am sure, yet I believe he is my own personal miracle, second only to to the birth of my own children. Dakota is the true combination of his parents James and Brandi, yet there are times in a smile, when stubborn or whimsical, he is truly his father James's son.

Marty Duswalt-Pinney




~ Anticipation ~

I remember the day I found out you were to come into my life. What joy filled my heart. I anticipated your arrival with hard pressed reserve. From the instant of hearing of your coming birth my heart filled with love for you.
I began making things for you with an image of who you would be and what you would look like.
I filled my waking moments and dreams of meeting you for the first time. I guess I just fell in love with you at that first mention from your Daddy,
you are going to be a grandmother soon.
Well I can tell you dear Dakota that was and is the proudest title I could ever wear.
Each day you are in my life I am truly blessed.
You are a miracle to me. A source of delight always.
I love you .







~I love Christmas ~




~Hey I'm Ready to Jump ~


~I'm the Big Brother ~



~Tooth Fairy Time ~

Lost my 1st Tooth

~Being a Fireman is Serious~

Halloween 2007




~No more pictures ~



~Hey Dad Look at Me ~





~Houston Zoo ~

Dylan and I in Gopher Hole

~1st Grade~

First day of School 



~Dad Dylan and Me~

The Park

~Dad Dylan and Me~

The wall of water in Houston




~The Lion ~

Houston Zoo

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