Dylan Hunter 
Born at 3:22pm on May 15th 2003.
Weighing in at 8lbs and measuring 20 1/2" long.






Panda Kung-FuPanda Kung-FuPanda Kung-Fu

Locomotive Breath - Jethro Tull


Dylan is our little stubborn one. He has the adventurous spirit of his parents James and Brandi, along with the determination to be his own person that is a definite family trait. I am delighted to have him as my grandson and am looking forward to watching his journey through life unfold. I see much of his parents in Dylan but also a great bit of his Grandparents as well.

He is the quiet brooder, our thinker, and when he reacts it is deliberate and determined. I believe he will be a great leader and will follow his own path, true to himself. That is after all what we wish for our progeny to be individuals, free thinkers, and always with the courage to be who and what they are without conformity of spirit to those that do not see the value. I am so proud of this little man, my grandson Dylan. 

I remember the first time I saw him, he was so small, but when he opened his eyes there was such an old soul looking out to me. I believe he will be the wise child, true to his strengths both in spirit and physical deeds.  A deep and spiritual soul. Perhaps a bit of temper as he learns to channel the deeper feelings he possesses and learns to express himself more easily. (I say that with a big Grandma smile).

What a cherished treasure this young man's life has and will always bring to my life and all the lives he will touch through his life's journey.






This page is dedicated to him and through time I will share his accomplishments,
his discoveries of life,
and my absolute joy in being his grandmother.
Please check back often as I will update with stories and pictures.
 It is a grandmother's pride I am sure, yet I believe he is another of my own personal miracles,
second only to to the birth of my own children and his older brother Dakota.


Come visit this page and see what he wishes to post here often, I cannot wait to see what he chooses.


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Locomotive Breath by Jethro Tull
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