Tom Parella


Tom Parella Web Site

Tom Parella, is a long time friend. I have seen him perform as often as I could through the years,
 even when I was visiting from Texas.

Rocky Raccoon

There are few performers who can capture the essence of spirituality in a song and carry you with them,
as if you were living the words they are singing.
 Close your eyes and let Tom's voice capture you, filling you with the deepest of emotions.
 Joy, Whimsy, Sadness, Loss, Hope, and a deep sense of Sensuality.
He brings to my spirit and my heart such passion with his voice and his words,
 always reaching past the protective mask to the inner soul I protect so well.
I wish all to experience the magic and power of this man,
you will become a fan for life if you do.
I have linked his website above for you to access, along with some videos below.
The song playing in the background is with his permission and very personal to me.





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