PC Samantha Brown
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is a young woman with the gift of transforming words into images that convey  her thoughts into works of such depth and beauty. She will be adding her works to these pages and will also gift us with her artwork. I am proud to call her my niece and look forward to watching her grow personally as well as artistically.
If you would like to respond to her writings please email this site, and I will forward it to her.

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Marty Duswalt-Pinney

~ She Changed ~

She changed her ways,
She changed her everything.
In a way I did not like.
She does not eat anymore,
Her body's way to thin.
She said she'd never leave her friends.
Now we know the truth.
For her, a new life has just begun.
She changed her life,
She changed it all,
She did it just for you.

~ As I Look Back ~

As I look back to my youth,
I think about my first real friend,
Who I said would be mine until the end.
As I look back to when I was 13,
I think about my first true love.
Who I thought would never stay,
And I am still with until this day.
As I look back through those years,
I think about all of my fears.
Of not having a love,
Meeting new friends,
Or even writing this poem once again.
As I look back,
I think of how lucky
I am to still be here,
And have survived through those
Hard and frightful years.
As I look Back !!!!!


~ Duffy's Closet ~

Duffy's Closet is the spot,
Take a look or maybe stop.
It's varieties of everything,
For friends and even family.
If you look you will see,
you might just like everything.
So take a look,
Or stop by the store.
Duffy's Closet is the place,
You will adore.

~ Cheerleaders Are Amazing ~

Keep your eyes upon me,
Cheerleaders are amazing,
No matter what others have to say.
They bring spirit and pride,
To this world at some point every single day.
We girls we love just what we do,
We try to get some others to love it too.
Sports would be boring,
And players may even lose their faith,
With cheerleaders there to have hope in them.
They might just win again !!!.
At this moment at this very time,
Somewhere, someplace cheerleaders Are out to win the race.
What other sports team can throw people,
Do amazing dances, have pride, have spirit, or
Even go through the hard times of doing
Something time and time again until
That once everything is right.
Many People may get hurt but just work it through,
That's why this world needs cheerleaders,
Just like me and you!!!!

Cheerleaders Are Amazing.

~ School Is Back ~

It starts up today,
We meet our new teachers,
Have a meeting on the bleachers.
Meet your friends once again,
Compare your schedules.
Are you in my art class?
NO, but I'm in your Spanish class.
Whose locker are you near?
You can't wait to find out.
Is your locker near mine?
Yea it's right here !!
Only many more months,
And we get to go,
Back all over again.
School soon will come to an end.

~ He Yelled, She Yelled ~

Keep your eyes upon me,
He yelled at her and she yelled back.
That was how it started.
They both turned red,
The fighting began.
He threw a glass,
She threw the phone.
My sister left,
And took me along.
We went to the neighbors,
And called the cops.
How quickly they came,
It all stopped.
He yelled at her and she yelled back,
That was how they departed.
Not long after they restarted,
And are still together now.



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